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I'm Angeline Longshore. I know this feeling of wanting to find true love, feeling frustrated, disappointed and worried that I might end up growing old alone. I didn't figure out love until I was 39 years old and losing my fertility.
I was a career woman, successful in that area of my life ( an Emmy nominated television producer, in fact) ... I had all the aspects going for me that I thought a good man would want in a partner and a wife.... But no one ever wanted to marry me.
I attracted men, but not the marrying kind... Not the kind of man that I needed to be fulfilled in a marriage for a lifetime.

I was lonely and frustrated... And I also had girlfriends nearing 40 who were amazing beautiful, successful women, but in the same boat as me. Some of them had given up, resigned themselves to being an independent, successful career woman, and growing old alone. I thought maybe times had changed, and the roles of men and women were too different from what I wanted, maybe all the marriage material men were taken... Or maybe there was just something wrong with me or marriage was not my destiny. All those thoughts would run through my head...
But there was another part of me... that stubborn, successful woman part of me that is always determined to go after what I want and figure out how to do it.


I formulated a step by step plan for myself based on all my research I had done producing tv shows on love, attraction, relationships and also my deep conversations that I had with men and women about their relationships when I was a hairstylist. My waning fertility forced me to get resourceful and quick, and to treat finding a man like finding a job.
So if you are in the same boat that I was, why try to reinvent the wheel so to speak. You don't have to leave your love life up to chance, luck or trial and error dating which can be that lonely road you've already been on.


Check out my program called Mr. Right, Right Now. It's a 5 module audio program with worksheets, and supportive videos.
I have condensed many years of research into a straight forward step-by-step method that will transform how you interact with men and create a direct path to your Mr. Right.

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